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Lumberjanes by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, & Brooke Allen

Lumberjanes by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, & Brooke Allen

Hey Fangirls. For the past 2 weeks I’ve been screaming about how good this book is, at anyone who will listen, so I thought I’d scream it at you ladies too. THIS IS SO GOOD GO READ IT. Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let’s actually talk about why this is so good.



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Movie: The Punk Singer

Movie: The Punk Singer


Hey Fangirls! Last week, I noticed that a documentary I’d been dying to watch had finally be added to Netflix. I was filled with joy, and then stuffed with even more once I watched it. The Punk Singer follows the career & passion of Kathleen Hannah, revolutionary punk rocker & feminist.


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Appdicted: SuperBetter

Hey Fangirls, today’s app is one that I’m trying for the second time; SuperBetter. It was developed by the lovely Jane McGonigal, who said that she made it because it’s a great way to feel “super” over little things.



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Wonder Woman Issues 11-15

Wonder Woman Issues 11-15


Fangirls, these comics keep getting better and better. Where we last left off, Wonder Woman had worked with her siblings to free herself from impending doom in the form of marrying Hades. She has save Zola and her unborn child numerous times, and we’re getting to know the gods a bit better. And I really can’t handle how intense this is getting.



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Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Last Olympian

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Last Olympian

Hey Fangirls. If you’ve been following along, I’ve been reading Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and sharing it here with you. Today bring the conclusion, and it’s a very intense one. From the past books, we know that it’s about to hit the fan, so prepare yourself; there are some (generalized) spoilers ahead.



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Music: Jacob Thomas Jr.

Music: Jacob Thomas Jr.



Fangirls! This week, my ears were honored to hear the sounds of Jacob Thomas Jr. Though this gentlemen’s music is simple & stripped down, he brings a whole lot of depth to the table. A table that I’m super happy to be sitting at.


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Feminerd: Is “Nerd” a Worthy Word?

Connotations are cool. Those that come with many words in nerd-dom are often negative, but I don’t think they should be.

Let’s Talk About Sex: Science of Shipping

Let’s Talk About Sex: Science of Shipping

Fangirls! Obviously on this site, we’re passionate about sexuality. But, being Fangirls belonging to all sorts of fandoms, are very passionate about characters as well. I’d like to take an adventure into a topic less on the side sexuality education. Since Sex Criminals has gone back on hiatus, I thought that this Friday was a lovely opportunity to shift our conservation more internally, to…

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Starkid Takes Manhattan

Hey Fangirls!  Last week was the fifth anniversary of Team Starkid’s A Very Potter Musical.  To me, that’s ridiculous.  Team Starkid is my second longest running fandom (after Harry Potter), so when they announced a concert to be performed the weekend after their anniversary, I lost my mind.  Of course we’d have to go; it was a necessity. So we prepare, and went!



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Coffin Hill Issue 3 & 4

Coffin Hill Issue 3 & 4


Hello again, my witch loving Fangirls! Coffin Hill is filled with some pretty weird shit, and it seems like it’s just going to get weirder. Last time, Eve Coffin and her police chief friend Nate found a ton of skulls in Coffin Forrest, and from the looks of it, the crazy isn’t going to end there.



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