DIY: Wonder Woman Cuffs & Headband

DIY: Wonder Woman Cuffs & Headband

Hey Fangirls!  If you’ve been following my twitter, you know that I decided very late in the game to do a couple cosplays for New York Comic Con next month.  One of the cosplays I’m really excited to do is Wonder Woman.



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Music: August / September Jams Playlist

Music: August / September Jams Playlist

Fangirls! At the end of one month, as the next is beginning, I like to make a playlist of all the music I’ve discovered and been most into over the last month. It makes things easier and more enjoyable, because I can easily access the stuff I want to be listening to, and rock out to it all all at once. Plus, I really enjoy making playlists. It occurred to me that I’ve never shared one of these…

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Let’s Talk About: Sex & Disability

Let’s Talk About: Sex & Disability


Fangirls! For a long time, I’ve wanted to chat on this topic. It’s one that needs a whole lot more attention in our world. The sexuality of people living with disabilities is damn near ignored in our society, and that’s just not cool. Sexuality when disability is in the mix is surely different, but it’s really just another way that sexuality is specific to each person, just as injury & illness…

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She-Hulk #6



Mhmm. Sweet, sweet She-Hulk. I’ve been adoring this comic, Fangirls, as I’m sure you’ve notice over the last few months. I delight in reviewing this comic each month, and of course, even more so in reading it. However, to be honest, I really didn’t like this issue at all. After the intensity of issue #5, I was ready for a whirlwind in the next. But this whole thing was just kind of blah for me.…

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